Heather’s out of jail!

Otters behind a fence color
Otters don’t belong in cages, and neither do people!

… but this damn export terminal is still being built.

Still, we’re pleased as punch to announce that Heather is free and with friends.

“I want to thank people for all of the support I’ve received throughout this process,” said Heather upon her release. “I’m very privileged and grateful for the community I have around me.”

Heather was taken to jail on May 27, after the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office unsurprisingly failed to find any wrongdoing with itself after complaints were filed by Heather and another activist over having their lives put in danger by the police and Heather being assaulted by one of the cops during the police response to a SEED action in February 2015. The police instead charged Heather and the other activist with filing false statements, leading to this incarceration for Heather and a charge on an inactive docket for the other activist.

Heather still has extensive community service, two years of supervised probation and a suspended sentence of 75 days in jail hanging over her head, but at least the judge-ordered jail time is behind her.

Still, many other good people remain behind bars and need support — in the Calvert County Detention Center and beyond. We encourage you to check out Critical ResistanceBlack and Pink, Prisoner Solidarity and Earth First! Prisoner Support to do what you can to help folks who are locked up. If you’re around Washington, DC, this coming weekend, come on out to the Convergence Against Toxic Prisons to get more involved with prison abolition movements!

As was stated up top, Dominion hasn’t been stopped yet from building its fracked gas export terminal at Cove Point. A grip of cranes tower over the northern edge of Lusby, Calvert County’s most populous area, reminding residents that, at best, 22.5 tons of toxic emissions are headed into their air if this thing isn’t shut down first. At worst, if the facility explodes, thousands could die instantly, since this is being built right in a densely packed residential area. There have been fatal explosions at other Dominion facilities, other facilities in Southern Maryland and at this exact siteConcerns about a catastrophic explosion should not be brushed over.

The movement to drive Dominion out of Cove Point and ruin the gas industry’s plans for the mid-Atlantic is going ahead full-steam. To plug in, follow We Are Cove Point, SEED and Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community on Facebook or check out the websites linked from each of those pages. We’re doing what we can, but we can accomplish more with you on board!

Thanks to everyone who has supported both SEED activists during this legal process. For a scrappy, do-it-yourself group like SEED to raise the money needed to defend both SEED activists in all of this … We’re deeply honored and appreciative to have such amazing support in the face of a $40 billion company seeking to flex its muscles after buying the favor of the governmental structure of Calvert County. This support is what enables this movement to continue.