It’s letter writing time!


It’s a rainy Memorial Day here in Calvert County, where Dominion is building its fracked gas export terminal amidst heavy resistance — and where Heather Doyle is being held in the county jail. Perfect letter writing weather!

Heather would love to hear from you. She’s reading a mystery novel right now, and while that can take her mind outside of her confinement, she’d rather read letters from actual people.

Write Heather at:

Heather G. Doyle
Calvert County Detention Center
PO Box 9
Barstow, MD 20610


Update! If you had letters that you sent to the jail returned, or if you had been meaning to write Heather but hadn’t gotten around to it, you can send mail that she’ll still receive to:

Heather Doyle
PO Box 101
Lusby, MD 20657

While you’re already writing letters, why not write some letters to the editor? Click on the links to send letters to regional publications near Calvert County:

The Calvert Recorder (Make sure to select “The Calvert Recorder” as the newspaper you’re submitting to)
The Bay Weekly
The Washington Post
The Baltimore Sun

It’s really important to Heather that the focus stays on why she took the action that lead to her incarceration. Dominion’s export terminal at Cove Point, Maryland, must be stopped. Click here for some reasons why. To get involved in, learn more about or donate to this fight, check out, and

For more info on why Heather’s in jail, read this article.

Lastly, while it’s important to support Heather through all of this, many other people have stood up in strong ways and are now in prison for long periods of time because of it — or could just really use a friendly word from the outside. We encourage you to pick a prisoner (or a few) to write with. Just like for Heather, getting letters can mean the world to people when they’re caged and separated from what their lives were like on the outside. Click here for writing LGBTQ people in prison, here for writing political prisoners of many different backgrounds and here for writing radical ecological political prisoners.

Go ahead and put some pen to paper!

While you’re at it, if you’re looking for some hot letter writing jamz, check out “Inmate Correspondence,” by Not Sorry!. A member of SEED plays on this.


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