Heather’s trial starts tomorrow!


Solomons 313 boardwalk pic

It’s said that the action isn’t over until the court process is finished.

In that sense, the banner hang SEED did on a Dominion construction site for its liquefied natural gas export terminal it’s building at Cove Point in February 2015 is not yet done.

The two SEED activists who were arrested went to court and were convicted of trespass last year. After their convictions, they both filed complaints against the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office for putting their lives in danger, and Heather Doyle (one of the activists) filed an additional brutality complaint after being assaulted by Deputy Sergeant Vladimir Bortchevsky.

The Calvert Sheriffs didn’t take kindly to having these complaints filed against them, so they launched a massive investigation, charging Heather and the other activist with making a “false statement” to an officer. This new criminal charge is actually more serious than doing the action in the first place. Heather is facing up to six months in jail.

This trial will be a jury trial, held in the Calvert County Circuit Court. It will start Tuesday, May 24, and is expected to end on Thursday, May 26 — though it could go longer.

If people would like more information, want to know how they can help, or want to know more details any of this, feel free to write SEED at contactseed@riseup.net.

More information is at https://seedcoalition.wordpress.com/2015/12/07/cove-point-defender-fighting-charge-for-filing-complaint-against-police-abuse/.

If you’d like to donate any money to help with legal costs for this trial, go to our donate page here. Thanks!


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