Climate Activist Walks to Stop Cove Point

Four SEED activists will be appearing in Calvert County District Court tomorrow, February 20, at 1 p.m., for charges relating to the November 3 lock-down at the same site. It’s a busy couple of days for Cove Point protectors and their supporters.


16494200852_bb24621c93_z Charles Chandler is walking 360 miles to meet a court date in Calvert County on Monday.

By John Zangas, Cetology

Back in December, Charles Chandler was arrested for trespass in Southern Maryland while protesting a plant under conversion there to liquefy natural gas and load onto tankers for export to Asia. This facility on the Chesapeake Bay, called Cove Point LNG, could be a major driver of fracking on the East Coast and facilitate the emissions of millions of tons of greenhouse gases.

Chandler decided that walking to his court hearing in Prince Frederick this coming Monday would be appropriate. But he didn’t just resolve to walk a few miles to the courthouse. No, he embarked on a march of 360 miles.

Setting out from Ithaca, New York on January 24, Chandler has walked an average of 13 miles a day for 28 days, and is due to arrive…

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