Statement from Lusby, Maryland Resident Tracey Eno

Lusby, Maryland resident Tracey Eno was among 7 people arrested on December 1, 2014, blockading the Dominion Cove Point LNG export terminal pier site.
Lusby, Maryland resident Tracey Eno, arrested by the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department at the Dominion Cove Point LNG pier construction site in Solomons, Maryland.

This morning, Tracey Eno was arrested while peacefully protesting at the entrance to the pier construction site for the Dominion Cove Point liquefied natural gas export terminal project. She lives in Lusby, Maryland, less than a mile and a half from the terminal. Another Lusby resident and five allies from New York, North Carolina, California, Virginia, and the District of Columbia were arrested along with her. Here is Tracey’s statement on her decision to risk arrest today in Solomons, Maryland:

Most days when I speak, I represent opponents of Dominion. Today I represent everyone in Lusby: including residents who are both for and against Dominion’s plan. A gas refinery and export terminal is dangerous and cannot operate next to thousands of homes. If there is an emergency, we ALL will be impacted. Many people see only benefits of ‘jobs and taxes’ and don’t understand the hazards: air, water and light pollution. Traffic. 24/7 noise. No viable evacuation route for thousands of people. I am here today to say ‘THIS IS DANGEROUS!’ and none of us are safe until we are ALL safe.

Whenever one person stands up and says “WAIT A MINUTE, THIS IS WRONG,” it helps other people to do the same.

I am standing up in Lusby today, saying “Allowing Dominion to put 410,000 gallons or highly pressurized propane next to 14.6 billion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas, next to our homes is WRONG!”

I’m risking arrest today to say that we do not want Dominion to build a fracked gas refinery and export terminal next to our neighborhoods!

I’m not afraid to ride in a squad car. Because I’m MORE afraid to breathe the 20.4 tons of air pollutants Dominion wants to pump into Lusby every year.

I’m not afraid to spend time in jail. Because I’m MORE afraid to spend time in my own home, knowing that I am only half a mile from the flash fire zone, with no viable escape.

I am risking arrest to protect all the residents of Calvert County who will be impacted if this plant is built.

I am here to speak for all of those who can’t:

–those who signed the Dominion non-disclosure agreement

–those who work for the county and fear losing their job

–those who work at Pax River and can’t risk their security clearance

–those mothers who can’t leave their children home alone

–those who are afraid to protest or be arrested

–those who work for the county government, sheriff’s office, fire departments and EMS and know the truth

Cove Point is our neighborhood. Cove Point is our lighthouse. “Dominion Cove Point” is not allowed to take our name and then destroy our town. WE ARE COVE POINT!

As of today, twenty people, including three residents of Lusby, have been arrested in the struggle to halt construction of the export terminal. More actions are planned.

Donations to assist with legal expenses can be made at


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